A27 Excessive Noise Reporting

A while ago after Simon Taylor and I met Commander Carter of the police I said we would circulate an easy-to-fill-in form for reporting annoying incidents. You’ll see you don’t have to input your personal details nor reg numbers, which are impossible to see on fast moving motorbikes/vehicles. But if you do get to see an offending reg no. please include it.

The link to the form is  http://bit.ly/chichesternoise

Click it, type in your input, click Submit and your input will be automatically downloaded into a spreadsheet which we will regularly forward to Cdr Carter who has said he will give us feedback on what the police are doing with the info we send.
The form is principally for noise on the A27 and its feeder roads. I have copied this email to Alan Carn, Co-chair Whyke Residents’ Assn (they have similar problems) and to our City/District Cllr Martyn Bell for info.

Please take a look at the form and if you have any comments email me. I suggest we run with the form for a while and see what inputs and info we receive and then take stock.

Linda Boize