A27 – Stockbridge Link Road

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Click on the link and watch the interview then please read below.

Regarding the proposed Stockbridge Link Road (detailed in the video) I would add, the site is owned by WSCC who has a Net Zero carbon emissions policy of all of its assets, so how does digging up fertile farmland and releasing cubic metre upon cubic meter of carbon into the atmosphere to build a road comply with this WSCC policy? Tonnes of concrete will need to be poured into the site as a solid foundation to support the 3m high stilts that are required to raise the new road so to ‘mitigate’ flooding. No consideration has been given to the fact that this land is a sub and therefore building an ‘underground wall’ (the foundations) will result in either, the City, Donnington or Apuldram flooding.

Environmental and Biodiversity studies have not yet been completed, or in some cases started, so how does the Local Plan Transport proposals, detailed in the video, comply with NPPF section 15? I have asked this question to WSCC and CDC officer but as yet not received a satisfactory response.

The above are but a few of my concerns and I am sure you will all have your own so, I implore you, please write to CDC and raise your concerns.

Your Voice Must Be Heard.

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Cllr Jamie Fitzjohn

West Sussex County Council

Chichester South Division

Tel. 0330 222 3846