Contactless & other ways of giving

Suggested options on how to make monetary donations to St George’s Church

All parish churches are required to contribute to their local diocese by way of a “Parish share” contribution to help meet the overall cost of having a priest in residence, pensions, training of new curates, ongoing training for clergy, diocesan expenses etc.

Here at St George’s it is no different and for 2020 our “Parish Share” was assessed at £74,000. Unfortunately, we felt unable to meet this figure and committed ourselves to contributing £65,000.  On top of the “Share” further funds need to be found to meet the day to day running of a church and in the current situation, reluctantly, the Parochial Church Council had to take the decision that we could only commit to giving £55,000 for 2021.

Without income from Centre bookings, monthly concerts and the usual other fund-raising activities during the past year, we will have to draw on our reserves leaving our financial resources in a precarious position, insufficient to keep going for more than 2 years, this is despite generous donations from some members of the congregation, of which we are most grateful.


We have all become familiar in paying for our goods by tapping a contactless reader with our credit/debit card.  Churches are no different and we are introducing such a unit enabling those who seldom carry cash to just tap and give by way of their card at St George’s. The cost of the purchase has been met by anonymous donations, for which we are most grateful.

Image of contactless readerHow to use:

The screen requires the user to touch the amount to be given – £3, £5 or £10 followed by tapping their card on the top of the unit.  The transaction has then been made and the screen will indicate that it has been accepted.  Thank you!

If a donation is to be more than £10 the orange-coloured lid should be lifted and the amount to be donated keyed in.  Replace the lid and tap the card on the top, as above.

If the donor requires a receipt, to be sent to the donor’s mobile phone, immediately after tapping the card touch the icon on the front screen and key in the user’s email address.  In a short period of time the receipt will have been sent to the donor’s mobile.

Other ways of making donations

  • If you are a tax payerWhy not consider joining the Parish Giving Scheme, opting for an annual inflationary increase.  Forms are available at the back of the church and on completion should be sent to the Parish Giving Scheme office in Gloucester.  The address is on the form. Alternatively, hand your completed form to one of the Churchwardens who will ensure that it is sent off.  This will enable a direct debit to be set up from your bank account.  All money comes to St George’s and Gift Aid will automatically be claimed and paid into the church bank account.  Claiming Gift Aid gives the church an extra 25% on your donation.                    
  • Standing OrderIf you already contribute by standing order and wish to continue with this method, please consider making a small increase.  This can be done by contacting your bank or by online banking.
  • Blue Envelope GivingIf you are not a tax payer an alternative is to request a set of blue envelopes from the Treasurer.  Donations, of up to £30 in cash enables gift aid to be claimed under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS).  Using the envelope system allows you to budget for a weekly donation and more than one envelope may be handed in if perhaps you are not able to attend church on a weekly basis.   This system is intended for donations not exceeding £30.
  • Collection Plate – Any donation placed in the collection plate which is £30 or less in cash is eligible for GASDS (gift aid). However, if you are a tax payer then it is more beneficial to use a Yellow Envelope, always available at the back of the church, particularly if a larger donation is being made.
  • Cheques – If you are a tax payer please insert into a Yellow Envelope and complete the front unless we already have a Gift Aid declaration from you.
    Cheques should be made out to St George’s Church
    Our account No. is: Sort Code 20-20-62   A/C No. 60766844
  • Anonymous Donation – If you would like to make an anonymous donation of more than £30 and are a tax payer, your donation could be increased by 25%.  Please let the Treasurer know your details.  The donation would still remain anonymous to everyone else.
  • Amazon Smile –Making purchases from Amazon could enable the church to benefit from the purchase also.  Just search for Amazon Smile and enter our charity number: 1133301, or our website, see below.  It should work in exactly the same way as the normal Amazon website but Amazon will pay the church 0.5% of the net price for most goods being purchased.  A small percentage but if everyone uses it, we could receive quite a bit of extra funding.  Please share this information with your family and friends.
    Website :

If you would like to discuss any part of this document please don’t hesitate to contact our Treasurer using the contact form.