Update from local WSCC Councillor

Dear All

I trust you are well and keeping safe.

Please circulate this email to all members and councillors.

I have just finished a virtual meeting updating me on Covid19 in West Sussex.

West Sussex has 12376 vulnerable persons who have registered, all have been written to and WSCC will be calling ALL of them this week to ensure that their needs are met.

1700 plus have been receiving medical supplies as requested.

387 cases of covid19 in West Sussex, this is only those that have been admitted to hospital.

Care homes are an increased concern with regards to Covid19. PPE is being delivered.

Residents with Dementia are being housed with specialist carers in care homes as some will not take them due to the current situation.

Please request that all vulnerable residents register via the government list, if they require help to do this then please contact the community hub.

Domestic Abuse – this is a considerable concern. I don’t have any figures at the moment but I understand that more information will be available later in the week as meetings are being held with the police.

I understand that any child that receives free school meals should be now receiving food vouchers. Their school should be distributing the vouchers. If, for any reason a residents is not receiving the vouchers and their child usually receives free school meals then please get them to either contact the Community Hub or me directly.

I apologise that this is in note form but I was typing as I was on the call. Any questions or if you require assistance please get in touch.

Stay Indoors, Save the NHS and Save Lives.

Kind regards



Cllr Jamie Fitzjohn

West Sussex County Council

Chichester South Division

Tel. 0330 222 3846