Parochial Church Council

The Revd Canon Timothy Peskett* Rector Ex officio Chairman
The Revd Toby Boutle* Asst Curate Ex officio
Ken Green* Churchwarden Ex officio Vice Chair
Lorna Russell* Churchwarden Ex officio
Geraldine Burrows* Deanery Rep Ex officio Hon. Secretary
Fred Corbin Deanery Rep Ex officio
Sian Thomas Deanery Rep Ex officio
Mavis Dolton Deanery Rep Ex officio
Tim Ratledge*± Elected Member 2020 Health & Safety Officer
Claire Risby Elected Member 2020 Hon. Treasurer
Debbie Stanford Elected Member 2020
Sue Bainbridge Elected Member 2020 Flower Team Co-ordinator
Kim Mcnamee Elected Member 2018 DBS Administrator
Susan Howell Evans Elected Member 2018 Musical Director
Nikki Edge Elected Member 2018
Jim Sewell Elected Member 2018
Jill Merry Elected Member 2019
Pat Evans * ± Elected Member 2019 PA to Rector/Centre Manager
Sara Fildes Elected Member 2019 J Team Co-ordinator
Mary Howick Elected Member 2019 Safeguarding Officer

* Standing Committee Member

± Deputy Churchwarden