Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Whyke Residents’ Association

Who are we?

The Whyke Residents Association (WRA) was formed in 1983, to campaign on issues that affected local residents. Our aim is to enable residents to develop and improve facilities for the community at work, rest or play.

What do we do?

Whyke Lane/Kingham Avenue flowerbeds in 2002

We work with the Councils and other organisations to improve facilities for the residents. The current projects are the improvements to pedestrian bridges over the railway, and the approach routes to the new Whyke roundabout Pedestrian/cycle Bridge on the A27 which we had campaigned for.

We are also working on plans for the enhancement of the Amphitheatre site. Alongside these activities, we maintain flowerbeds and some of the planters on street corners and keep a close eye on the state of our streets and trees.



If you are not a member already, why don’t you join the WRA?

Whyke Lane/Kingsham Avenue flowerbeds in 2015

You are welcome to join the residents association, if you live in the area bounded by Market Avenue, The Hornet, Whyke Road, including residential roads to the east; and the A27 in the south. (See here for map)

The membership brings many advantages – advice on any dealings with your local councillors and local councils; support for issues and ideas which you wish to see actioned, and the opportunity to be active in improving your neighbourhood.

How to join the WRA?

Please use the contact number 01243 787019 or 01243 786750 to be directed to your street representative who can give you more information on the WRA and register your membership. The subscription is £4 per household.


Open Gardens event.
This was a really successful day, and the feedback has been most encouraging, so much so that we have decided to repeat the event next year. This year was a bit rushed as the decision to go ahead was only taken about a month before the chosen date, and slightly too late in the gardening year. For 2024 we propose to aim for late June, and publish the date early in the year so that interested residents can have plenty of time to plan. The opportunity to see what other people have done with their gardens and to exchange ideas and tips helps to spread and share useful gardening knowledge.
If you would be interested in opening your garden next year, please get in touch. Gardens do not have to be perfect and well maintained, visitors are often reassured to find that other people’s gardens are ‘a work in progress’ rather than a finished showpiece.
Alan Carn. Co-Chair WRA.


The Market


Whyke Roundabout Pedestrian/Cycle bridge