Pilates Classes

Please note – all classes are temporarily cancelled in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Wednesday Mat Pilates 12.00 – 12.55

Mat pilates is a floor exercise class that includes standing balance, core and leg strengthening exercises.  In pilates we use our breath to assist to relax the body and to focus the mind. It also helps us to move through the exercises. We educate ourselves to let go of the big muscle groups and to activated smaller stabiliser ones’ so we don’t grip and fatigue too early. Throughout the session you are actively loosening joints from head to foot so there is gradual improvement in posture, control, coordination and increase range of motion with ease.

We do weight bare on hands and knees on the floor, and lie on our front, back and sides. If you have recently had surgery or injury please let me know so I can adjust exercises for you.

Limited space in this class please contact me if you would like to join the group.

£8.00 per session Pay as you go (PAG) or buy 5 pack session and on your 11th session is FREE.

Wednesday Sit and Stand Pilates/Movement through Stability 13:10 – 14.00

This class is for anyone who want to move a bit with music, strengthen and laugh.

We do exercises that you have the option to stand with or without chair support or sit part of the session or whole session it is up to you. You are guided to work at your own exertion not compare to someone next to you.

A 50 minute session involves a warm up of feet, then the body, aerobic 10 minutes moving at your own pace doing walking steps and/or arms.  Strengthening exercises  (using elastic bands), balance, a 5 minute mental game followed by stretch and cool down.

£5.00 per class (PAG) or purchase 5 pack session and after 10 session you receive 11th session Free.

Booking & Contact Details

Plenty of space however please contact Sally Cranfield 07951978499, 01243788495 or email info@yourbodytherapy.co.uk  there is a health consultation form to complete to ensure the class is right for you.   Sally’s website for more information is https://www.yourbodytherapy.co.uk

Dates every Wednesday except 25th December and 1st January unless Sally states personally in class.