Thursday, June 20, 2024

Daily Prayer

The daily office is the Church’s corporate prayer, which we offer in union with our fellow Christians throughout the world.  We pray Morning and Evening Prayer daily in Church.  You’re welcome to join us!

The Office of Readings and Morning Prayer are said in the Lady Chapel at 8.30 am every weekday morning.  It is a simple, said service with psalms, readings from the bible and from the Church Fathers.

Evening Prayer is said every weekday.  Please check the bulletin for details.  But the usual pattern is Mondays at 4.30pm (before the rosary and Mass);  Tuesdays at 5.30pm;  Wednesdays at 4pm (after Tea and Chat);  Thursdays at 6.30pm (before Mass) and Fridays at 5.30pm.

All are welcome to attend.  If you want to know more about how we say the office – so you can join in with us, or to say the office at home – do please speak to Fr Tim.  If you cannot join us in person, we hope that you might join us in prayer by following the link below, which will you give today’s offices, as well as the readings at Mass.

Click for the universalis website, with today’s office and readings at Mass