Arrangements for Sunday Services

From Thursday 5th November 2020 the following arrangments apply:

There will be no church services held during this second time of lockdown but as of this Sunday the church will be open for private prayer on each Sunday and Wednesday from 10:00 – 13:30 until further notice.

From Sunday 19th July 2020 the Sunday Parish Mass will resume at St George’s. As well as the risk assessment and cleaning programme we have been required to carry out, and along with guidance from Bishop Martin regarding the role of the priest, which has also been part of the risk assessment,
we now feel ready to advise that everything has been carried out in the protecting of us all against the invisible coronavirus. There will obviously be some changes to the normal Sunday Mass which are listed below. Please do read and take note so that it won’t come as a surprise as and when you feel
ready to return to church.

  • The seating has been rearranged to provide 2 metres between each seat. If you come as a couple you may not be able to sit immediately next to each other. We have set aside two lots of 4 seats to accommodate families.
  • Although optional you are welcome to wear your own face mask orthere will be some available in church.
  • When you enter the church, you will be requested to sanitise your hands and again as you leave the church. Please enter via the West doors and leave via the West doors or South Porch.
  • Before the commencement of the service you will be asked for your name and contact No. to support the NHS Track & Trace system. This information will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed.
  • You will be advised that following the end of mass you should leave your seat and exit the church. Please do not attempt to hold a conversation with anyone.
  • Hymn singing is not permitted but Susan will be playing the organ at various times.
  • At the Eucharist, the priest (Fr John), after sanitising his hands, will receive on our behalf the bread and wine and then he will walk to each individual to place the Host (bread) into the hand avoiding physical contact. Please do not speak, do not say Amen out loud!
  • The priest will give the Peace, but the congregation should not communicate with anyone.
  • The service sheet and readings will be available on each seat. Please take your copy away with you, do not leave behind in the church.
  • There will be no cushions, kneelers, books, toys etc, all have been removed during this time.
  • Also, please note, there will be no toilet facilities.

We realise that the above looks rather daunting but be assured it is all intended for our wellbeing and all churches are having to follow similar guidelines. If you have a concern please do contact the churchwardens