Whyke Residents – April Newsletter

Whyke Residents' Association LogoNewsletter for the Whyke Residents

Good morning to you all, I took part yesterday afternoon in a Zoom conference yesterday with the great and the good to discuss what is happening in the Chichester coronavirus world.

The CDC has expended £24 million so far on helping local businesses and £14.66 million on small businesses.  If anyone knows of  the owner of a small business that is in dire trouble they are encouraged to apply to the hub.

Highways have been running car parks and toilets for free consequently have taken a big cut in revenue

It was brought to the attention of the meeting that vouchers for free school meals were not accessible  and this was going to be attended to.

There are a number organisations that are out there to help people in need ‘ Homestart’  for families in trouble and the Mayors hardship fund to name but two.

There was criticism that an overall information postcard was very overdue.   The meeting was told that The County Council has complied one that is due to go out next week. There was some discussion as to how the leaflets were to be delivered.  Thanks to Sarah and her volunteers, we in Whyke have already received one through the door.   These information notices are being updated all the time.

The Housing Associations have been very hands on with funds for tenants, that is except for Hyde.

Louise Rigglesford the Outreach Manager for the Festival theatre was asked to explain her normal activities and methods in  reaching many different groups of people .  It was thought her methods might be useful in co-ordinating activities in the local populace, also Pallant House might be called upon.  It was mentioned that the Festival theatre had put on their website certain free shows including Flowers for Mrs Harris. To be recommended

It was suggested that some sort of recognition should be made for VE Day. Flags and buntings to be encouraged maybe some music in the streets.  Maybe with the Thursday NHS clap or the 8th or 9th May.  Encourage your streets.

Cook have donated food dishes through Sarah and she delivered them on her Trike yesterday.  She is also suggesting that people write postcards for the residents of Royal Close as just a neighbourly contact for the older citizens. To be channelled through her.

Applications for help have slowed down to Sarah and her volunteers, people so far have been paired up and the system seems to be working.

It was reported at the meeting that it appears so far that the harvest for the horticulture growers had sufficient workers.

Jamie Fitzjohn has sent through an email regarding the outcome of the Rumboldswhyke cabinet meeting and rather than paraphrase it for you I am forwarding it.

There is another meeting next Thursday30 April.  If you have any questions or suggestions for me to air at the meeting to keep WRA on the map, let me know.

Geoff has alerted me and therefore you, that the box moth is on the rampage again.  This can be treated with regular sprays of soapy water.